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We take safety seriously

At Banzai we pride ourselves on the safety of our clients. Before heading out to the activity area, the event co-ordinator will conduct a safety briefing to the whole group. A further safety briefing will follow by the instructor to each team on each activity, this will cover safety, technique and controls.

Photo: Instructor with Honda pilot buggy driver.

Safety at Banzai

Crash helmets are provided at Banzai. We have a full range of sizes to ensure each driver has a properly fitted helmet. It is compulsory for participants to wear a helmet at all times on the motorised activities.

At Banzai we have various dedicated viewing areas for drivers and spectators to stand. These will be explained by the instructor in the full safety briefing at the start of the day. These areas are located in safe parts of our site, whilst still being able to fully see the motorised and shooting activities in action. Seating is provided for spectators in these areas.

Each activity has a risk assessment, copies are available on request. All participants are required to read and sign an indemnity form prior to the activities, any medical conditions are to be noted.


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