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Do you want the 'best' Oxford hen weekend? We have 25 years experience, let us do it for YOU.

Oxford, the City of Dreaming Spires, is world famous for its University and place in history. For over 700 years, it has been a home to royalty and scholars.

Oxford is a bustling cosmopolitan town, perfect for your Oxford hen weekend, still with its ancient Universities, but also home to an ever growing nightlife scene and the perfect setting for some awesome activities!

Make your Oxford hen weekend something to remember!

Sparkling Oxford Hen Weekends

This is a first class destination for an Oxford hen weekend, especially if your group enjoys a cultured party experience! Oxford is a beautiful city with many fantastic bars, restaurants, not to mention clubs that will keep your party out until the early hours.

Safety is paramount

We own and operate modern equipment. We maintain all vehicles in our own workshops to ensure the highest standards of reliability and presentation. In addition, we carry £5,000,000 Public Liability insurance.


What our customers say...

"Many thanks for your help, everyone at Banzai have been great, bending over backwards and most of all helpful."
Wayne, Edinburgh

"It was brilliant. Everyone was talking about the Jeeps and the shooting all afternoon. Highly recommended, the presentation was good at the end of the event before chilling out with a glass of wine at the bar in the clubhouse."
Vicky, Maidenhead

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Our most popular Oxford hen weekend activity day packages

Banzai Blitz

£40 Photo: Red quad bike in action

1 activity event, £40 per person

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Banzai Action Special

£60 Photo: Red Honda Pilot buggy racing over dusty track

2 activity half day event £60 per person

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Blaster Event

£75 Photo: Girl in white t-shirt taking aim with rifle

3 activity half day event £75 per person

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Motorsplat Day

£82 Photo: Paintballer takes aim around tree

Paintball & 2 activity full day event £82 per person

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Full Grand Prix Day

£115 Photo: Red quad bike zipping round 'bomb-hole'

4 activity spectacular full day event £115 per person

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Half Day Rally Driving

£179 Photo: Escort RS2000 blasting over muddy track

Drive RS2000 on rally stages £179 per person

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Moto Rally

£125 Photo: Group on quad bikes

Drive RS2000 rally cars + 1 activity £125 per person

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Full Kielder Day

£199 Photo: Red Honda Pilot buggy on grass

Drive RS2000 rally cars + 2 activities £199 per person

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