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From gladiator jousting to rodeo bull, riotous fun.

We offer a range or inflatables from bungee run, gladiator joust and rodeo bull that can be added to your event to give it that bit more impact.







What our customers say...

"I must say that the Pilot racing buggies on the Saturday was absolutely fantastic. Everyone had a great time and did not want to leave."
Mark, Nottingham

"The package was EXCELLENT, timings were perfect and the organisation of the weekend was superb, so thank you very much for all your help."
Hazel, Belfast

Photo: Inflatable bouncy castle.

Gladiator Jousting

The Gladiator Jousting is a great game, fancy competing against the stag to knock him off his block. Two contestants will stand face to face on padded podiums, which are located on a large inflatable area. Then all you need to do is joust at each other until your opponent falls off. Then the next contestants will follow.

Pole Jousting

It’s a knockout with the pole game, there will be 2 participants sit astride the padded pole, the two contenders will need to use their Poles and shield to knock their opponent off and keep themselves off the inflatable bed. Safety head gear provided as standard.

Bungee Run

What a challenge! You need to run as far away as possible up the course while having the bungee cord around your waist. The further you run the harder it gets, you get more determined to get further and further to the end as possible before getting launched back to the start. You will be armed with a Velcro batten, you must place the batten down before you think that’s a far as you go in order to stay in the competition.

Sumo Wrestling

Fancy dressing up for the event? Why not try Sumo wrestling. You can have hilarious fun with lots of laughter throughout this event. Both competitors will put on the fat suits then face each other inside the ring. The rules of the games are whichever competitor touches the ground with anything except for their feet or steps outside of the ring will lose. There will be lots of pushing and shoving or should we say waddling to stay in the competition.

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